Search Engine Marketing

Search Engine Marketing

Search Engine Marketing usually means a collection of strategies to increase your website visibility in search engines and these include Search Engine Optimisation, Social Media, Paid Advertising and Paid inclusions.


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Smooth Sailing to the top of Google with our SEO Services

Search Engine Optimisation

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is a collection of practices and procedures that are proven to make your website rank higher in the organic search results. We optimise your website to increase visibility in the search engines, bring you more traffic, customers and sales.

Did you know that 90% of people are using search engines (like Google, Yahoo, and Bing, etc.) instead of the Yellow Pages to find businesses or services. You want search engines to list your website as near to the top as possible, because that is about a far as most people want to look to find what are looking for.

Getting high search engine rankings involves a lot of different factors. Especially trying to rank high on Google, their algorithm is proprietary information but we have a system based on vigorously tested methods.

Our SEO strategy focuses on ensuring good site structures, original content and connecting with other relevant highly ranked sites.

Some of the components of our bespoke tested strategy to improve websites include :
Initial Analysis –

  • Keyword Research & Analysis – Evaluate the relative effectiveness of keywords currently used on the site.
  • Competitor Analysis – Analyse higher-ranked websites of competitors in vicinity of client; develop site improvements to showcase client‘s preeminent attributes.
  • Sitemap & RSS feed – Add to website (if not already equipped)
  • Search Engine & Directory Submission – Verify site has been submitted to major search engines and directories. Re-submit site following improvements.
  • Social Media Book Marking / Social Media – Submit site to major social book marking sites. Create branded social media site pages / submissions and develop strategy for interacting and developing following.
  • Blogs, Promotional pages, Press Release Creation – Evaluate client’s blog posts, and provide Best Practices training as needed. Assist client in submission of articles to promotional sites. Work with the client to develop on-line press releases.
  • Articles Submission – Assist client in article submission to content-driven sites.
  • Link Popularity – Develop a link-building campaign for the site.
  • SERP Report / Analytics – Provide monthly SERP report with analysis of analytics.

Smooth Sailing to the Top of Google with our SEO Services