Social Media Case Study – Parliamentary Waffle House

What clever way to leverage a trending event and use it as the basis for a social media marketing campaign.

Step By Step breakdown of this campaign.

Step 1. Create a Campaign with a simple website.


Simple landing page redirecting visitors to buy tickets to the event.

Also, not that they are collecting email addresses to create a database of new customers.

Step 2 – Spread the news via Twitter


Send it out via Twitter to bloggers who have a large following on Twitter. In this case, the tweet was quickly retweeted.

Retweeting – the message goes viral


Using a 3rd party to manage ticket sales.


This campaign was very simple as there is almost no work to get that one page set up, with one clever graphic. Hook up to payment gateway like Paypal or a ticketing site.

Spread the word via Twitter, Facebook and your Blog.

This event will go on until May 6th and all the tickets are sold out already.