Super Injunctions exposure go viral on Twitter

This is a great example of how a story can go viral on Twitter. Super Injunctions that were granted by the court to gag the press from revealing identities of celebrities have not taken into account the power of social media.

A user set up the Twitter account @SuperInjunction exposed the stories that were supposedly published by a Spanish Newspaper. This account quickly garnered over 3000 followers overnight.

This caused a flurry of activity on Twitter where other peole were retweeting the stories. Soon after, the names on that account were redacted. You can still see the original tweets by looking at the tweets that were redacted so all the information is still out there on the Twittersphere.

superinjunction on twitter

Another account has since popped up called Injunctionsuper which repeats the same story and has been reteweeted continuously too.

Super Injunction on Twitter

The hashtag #superinjunction has also been trending along with Jemima Khan and Jeremy Clarkson, who have been linked in the revelations.

trending on twitter

Very quickly, Jemima Khan has been on Twitter denying the allegations but that has not stopped the gossiping.

Jemima Khan on Twitter Super Injunction


Social Media Lessons learnt:

News on Social Media has a much wider reach than you originally thought. It does not just go to your Twitter Followers. It can get retweeted and this has the effect of spreading the news exponentially.

In addition, some twitter posts are automatically posted on Facebook walls and also blogs, further distributing the same content.

Think about your content. How can you leverage your social media efforts to maximise the distribution of your brand across the internet.

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